Meet the Curators

Studio i exists to create intentional space for dreams, art, music & movement! Our curators facilitate collaboration, discussion and critique. They make sure that the studio is meeting the needs of its dreamers.

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christina k

Finding her artistic beginnings through movement and dance, Christina expanded her voice in art while at Southern Connecticut State University, minoring in Fine Art and majoring in Psychology. Discovering her passion for drawing and painting, she continues to bring her imagination to life through portraiture, cartoons, illustrations and abstract works.

Currently the Director of Culture at New Haven’s collaborative coworking space, The Grove, she finds delight in curating connections and innovative experiences through cultivating dynamic space, programming and events. She also continues to teach ballroom dancing for individuals, couples and friends looking to celebrate a special event or learn a favorite dance.  

Whether on canvas, the dance floor or collaborating with entrepreneurs, Christina loves finding and sharing the beauty of connection.

jennifer rae

Jennifer was introduced to the art world at a very young age. She grew up watching her Aunt Brenda absorb the world around her and miraculously translate it into lively eclectic paintings. She eventually followed her own creative voice through art school and earned her BS degree in digital design and multimedia.

I work hard to mentor and empower people, to help them process & grow their dreams.

Jennifer is an established artist, designer and teacher. She works through various local organizations to bring art and design to CT schools, communities and families. Currently, she is in partnership with Clinton Ave School, New Haven Academy, Arts For Learning Connecticut. She enjoys large, collaborative mural designs, and teaching Adobe design programs to students.

Internships are available through Jennifer Rae Design & Studio i for local high school and college students interested exploring art as a career, especially the digital arts. She is part of the Adobe Education Exchange and specializes in helping students learn and navigate Adobe Creative Cloud design programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. She is also a proud member of AIGA citizen designers.