Unless you have met us in person and/or have attended one of our events, you may be left with a few questions about what Studio i actually is and what we do here. With a few thoughtful questions, we will try to illuminate the whole situation.


What a lovely studio! but what are you really?

This is a fairly common question, so if you have visited our instagram or facebook and found yourself wondering this- you are not alone.

Practically speaking, we are a physical space. A studio that is 20'x20' and located in the middle of a warehouse campus that is filled with working artist studios.  We, the curators, decided that an artist studio benefits the most from a vibrant and diverse flow of creative people and energies. This is why we have developed an 'open plan' formula for everything that exists within the walls of Studio i. We have two floating walls, and furniture that is flexible and can be used for various purposes. The main function of this is so that the studio can serve the many needs of those that inhabit it.


That's neat, can you give me specific examples of this 'studio flexibility"?

Glad to.

One day we had large all-day creative collaboration with Joel Callaway Photography, a local scene makeup artist: Erika Lynne  Beauty, & some local models. We arranged half of the studio to accommodate various photography backdrops and lighting kits, and set up a secure area for the makeup and model prep. In addition, we also had a food spread and refreshments available in our kitchenette. The space is large enough to support all of these needs and also have a working flow.  We may have also managed a few dance party moments that day.

Alternatively, sometimes we essentially clear our space to make way for thoughtful events such as when Nora visits, bringing her healing and therapeutic techniques to New Haven in the form of healing alchemy workshops.

During the workweek, if you step into Studio i, it may look more like a well organized, clean & artistic collaborative work space. There are two working tables available for our featured artists and fellow collaborators and two floating walls which are sometimes for some privacy and sometimes for extra wall space for art!